Are your KIDS fighting?

Do your children argue with each other? Are you running short on temper and tools?

As parents we can create an environment of cooperation that promotes the value of differences (in ideas, opinions and solutions), encourages individuality, focuses on solutions and includes mutual respect and dignity.

How to start creating an environment of cooperation TODAY:

-Encouraging Individuality
-Valuing Difference
-Involving children in Age Appropriate Tasks
-Focusing on Solutions

Children feel encouraged when the parents understands and respects their view:

1. Express understanding of child’s point of view and feelings
2. Show empathy without condoning challenging behaviour
3. Share a time you have felt similar (if appropriate)
4. Share your thoughts and feelings. Children often
listen after they feel listened to
5. Focus on solutions

Positive Parenting Tool Tips:
-Give up power struggles
-Focus on how you can win with children
-This tool is effective when used with other Positive
Parenting Tools
-Connection BEFORE Correction

**This information is written by Parenting Education Saskatchewan while based on Positive Discipline Parenting from the Positive Discipline Association**