Calder Center
(306) 655-4500 (24hrs)
Fax (306) 655-4545
2003 Arlington Avenue S7K 2H6
Offer a 4 week in patient treatment program for adults and youth (ages 14 +) who
are struggling
with alcohol or drug addiction. Programming includes school for youth, group
sessions, counselling, recreation time, etc.
Adult Family Program-Mental Health & Addictions Services
(306) 665-7777
2302 Arlington Avenue S7J 3L3
Provides educational groups and individual support for families affected by
someone else’s mental illness, substance abuse/use or gambling concerns.
Al-Anon – Al-Ateen
(306) 665-3838
24 hour Message manager
601 Spadina Crescent East S7K 3J8
(Group locations vary)
A non professional self help recovery program based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics
Anonymous with the single purpose of helping families and friends of alcoholics. This
is an anonymous and spiritual program compatible with all religious or non- religious
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
(306) 665-6727
515 245 3rd Avenue South S7K 1M4
One alcoholic, helping another recovering from alcoholism, using the 12-step program
of Alcoholics Anonymous. The only requirement is a desire to stop drinking.
Christian Counselling Services
(306) 244-9890
617 3rd Avenue North S7K 2J8
Counselling available for marriage, family, individual, addictions, stress, abuse,
depression, parenting, co- dependency, women’s & senior’s issues and grief.
Community Addictions Prevention Program (CAPP)
Saskatoon Tribal Council:
Health & Family Services
(306) 956-6100 Fax (306) 956-3268
200- 335 Packham Ave. S7N 4S1
Provides individualized holistic comprehensive addiction services related to
alcohol/drug use, prescription drugs, inhalants, tobacco and gambling.
Family Service Saskatoon
(306) 244-0127 Fax (306) 244-1201
102 506 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Offers individual, couple, child and family counselling to the community. Special
programming: Teen and Young Parents, Youth Exposed to Violence, Abuse and
Beyond for women, Invisible Scars for women, educational and therapy groups
addressing perceived community needs. Variable fee for services.
FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan Inc.
(306) 975-0886 Fax (306) 975-0853
200 – 510 Cynthia Street S7K 7L7
The network is a parent-led provincial organization dedicated to increasing
awareness of and providing accurate information about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum
Disorder (FASD). The network’s Family Support Program is a voluntary program
that supports families who are living with FASD by using a case planning method to
achieve goals identified by the family.
Gamblers Anonymous
Various locations
The number will provide you with someone to speak with 24 hours a day. Aselfhelp 12 step program to share information and provide support
to individuals with a gambling addiction.
Kanaweyimik Home
Ph: 306-975-9999 Fax (306) 975-9156
Requires Ministry referral. For women whose children are in care with the Ministry
of Social Services (MSS)
Brief and Social Detox
Mental Health & Addictions Services
(306) 655-4195 (24hrs)
Fax (306) 655-4196
201 Avenue O South S7M 2R6
A safe environment for anyone coming off from alcohol and/or drugs. They
are a detoxification service where clients can stay from 5-7 days. Following
their stay, clients will receive an outpatient referral to Addictions Services
in their home health district.
LiveWell Craving Change Education Program
(306) 655-5483 Fax (306) 655-6758
Group sessions for individuals who deal with emotional problematic eating
struggling to maintain healthy eating habits. Goal is to identify personal triggers
for problematic eating and learn strategies to change problematic eating
McLeod House
(306) 665-0425 Fax (306) 665-0428
A transitional home for men
recovering from addictions. Referrals come from Larson House, treatment centers and
self-referrals. Weekly case management meetings, in- house programming, seminars,
workshops, AA groups, referrals
and outreach are all part of the services offered. McLeod House is a partnership
between Saskatoon Health Region – Mental Health & Addictions Services and
Central Urban Metis Federation Inc.
Adult Mental Health and Addictions Services, Community Addiction

(306) 655-7777
156-122 3rd Avenue North S7K 2H6
Services for substance abusing/ dependent (18 yrs. +) persons and/ or family and
friends. Brief detox, social detox, screening, assessment including recovery planning,
referral, and outpatient recovery services. Methadone assisted recovery program and
problem gambling services. For children and youth, please see MHAS, Child and
Youth Services.
Metis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan (MACSI)
(306) 652-8951 Fax (306) 665-0703
Toll free: 1-877-652-8951
335 Avenue G South S7M 1V2
A rehabilitation program for people 18 years and over recovering from alcohol or
drug addiction. They offer a 28 day in patient treatment program using the 12-step
program. Participants attend outside AA or NA meetings while in treatment.
This program also offers an aboriginal healing component.
Narcotics Anonymous
(306) 652-5216 (information line) Meeting locations vary
A group of recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay
clean. The program uses the 12-step program from Alcoholics Anonymous.
Meetings are open to everyone.
Niwaapatahanannik (NIWA)
(306) 975-9999 Fax (306) 975-9156
NIWA is a Fostering Families home for single parent and two parent families
who have children placed in foster care with MSS or who are at risk of
placement. Programming offered includes creating healthy lifestyles,
relationship building, positive parenting, life skills, mental health addictions,
educational assessment, career counselling and recreational activities.
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-800-306-6789 (24 hr – does not subscribe to call display)
Telephone assessment, information, and referral for either the problem
gambler themselves, or family and friends. They offer province wide referrals
to support groups, problem gambling counsellors, and treatment alternatives.
Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
(306) 651-4300 Fax (306) 651-4301
319 Colony Street S7N 2Z1
Focuses on primary prevention. Program areas of disabling conditions in children
include: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Reproductive Health, Childhood Injury
Prevention, Parenting Education, Perinatal and Infant Health, and Neglect and
Child and Youth Mental Health and Addiction Services
(306) 655-7802 Fax
715 Queen Street S7K 4X4
Provides individual, family and group counselling and therapy with nurses,
psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counsellors and social workers.
Individuals/parents may self refer. Referrals are also accepted from a third party.
Saskatoon Tribal Council – Urban Services
Creative Healing for Urban Members (CHUMS)

(306) 659-2500 Fax (306) 659-2206
2010 7th Street S7H 5K6
The Creative Healing for Urban Members (CHUMS) programs work to increase
opportunities to
strengthen individuals, and families, to empower them to improve the quality of their
personal and family life. Our principles incorporate values that are common across
many Aboriginal cultures as core concepts in its programming.
Saskatoon Tribal Council – Urban Services
Providers of Aboriginal Life Supports (PALS)

(306) 659-2500 Fax (306) 659-2206
2010 7th Street S7H 5K6
Providers of Aboriginal Life Supports (PALS), includes a range of family- centered
strategies, including in home visitation, advocating for improved conditions for
families, stabilizing those in crisis, reunifying those who are separated, building new
families, and connecting families to the resources that will sustain them in the future.
Our goal is to support at risk families avoid apprehension of their children.
Westside Community Clinic
(306) 664-4310 Fax (306) 934-2506
1528 20th Street West S7M OZ6
Primary health care services including physician, nurse practitioner,
nurse and counselling services.
YWCA of Saskatoon
(306) 244-2844 Fax (306) 653-2468
510 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Provides shelter and supports to women, children and youth at risk
through the Crisis Shelter and Turning Points.
Offering employment and learning, health and wellness, and childcare.