Crime & Justice

Child Find Saskatchewan
(306) 955-0070 (24hrs)
202-3502 Taylor Street East S7H 5H9 Provides services promoting personal safety to
children, parents and organizations. Assists in the locating of missing children. They
work with awareness in education and search assistance. They offer a 24 hour help

Community Legal Assistance for Saskatoon Inner City Inc. (CLASSIC)
(306) 657-6100 Fax (306) 384-0520
123 20th Streeet West S7M 0W7 Provides free professional and confidential legal
services for low income members of the community.

EGADZ – Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre
(306) 931-6644 (306) 665-1344
485 1st Avenue North Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1X5
EGADZ provides a wide range of program and supportive residential programs that
offers safety, mentorship and support to youth. Programs empower youth and assist
them to reach their full potential.
Programs offered include: YOUTH DROP-IN CENTRE offers recreational
activities, and an on-site kitchen to teach nutrition and provide a meal every day at
5:00 p.m. The drop-in centre also operates education programs, cultural programs
and employment programs.
TEENPARENT PROGRAM provides educational outreach, medical and crisis
services, and individual and group sessions for expectant parents and their children.
STREET OUTREACH PROGRAM connects with youth through use of an
outreach van that operates after hours. Immediate assistance provided
includes nutrition,
clothing, condoms, personal hygiene items, baby formula and diapers.
OPERATION HELP for youth involved in the sex trade, including
immediate supports upon involvement with the justice system, assistance to
connect with
community support, and supports to assist with lifestyle change.
JOE AND JOSIE’S GARAGE to support aboriginal youth through life skills,
mentorship and elder support to build healthy interpersonal relationships.
RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS for youth in the care of the MSS. Programs offer
supportive living environment in a home-like setting for youth exiting high risk street
lifestyle, and/ or need supports to safely parent their children. Programming is offered
to all individuals including life skills,

parenting skills, support for addiction, education around domestic
violence, and access to counselling supports.
The Residential Programs are:
13 MY HOMES – supportive independent living environment for youth
involved with MSS.
BABY STEPS & MAH’S PLACE – supportive environment where mothers can work
towards having child(ren) safely returned to their care with supervision. Mothers and
babies reside in a separate residence side by side, and are provided the opportunity to
bond. Moms learn to care for their children with support, structure, and guidance.

Elizabeth Fry Society of Saskachewan
Toll Free: 1-888-934-4606, (306) 934-4606 Fax (306) 652-2933
205-1120 20th Street West S7M 0Y8
An agency that works with women and girls in conflict with the law by providing
supporpt before, during, and after incarceration . Strives to provide programs and
services which support crime prevention, ensure fair treatment and encourage an end
to recidivism.

Equal Justice For All
(306) 380-6261 Fax (306) 665-2738
905 20th Street West S7M 0Y5
Provides advocacy services and representation to the poor and disadvantaged in areas
related to social assistance, Canada pension, workers compensation, and family issues.
Public education is also provided.

Family Service Saskatoon
(306) 244-0127 Fax (306) 244-1201
102 506 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Offers individual, couple, child and family counselling to the community. Special
programming: Teen and Young Parents, Youth Exposed to Violence, Abuse and
Beyond for women, Invisible Scars for women, educational and therapy groups
addressing perceived community needs. Variable fee for services.

International Women of Saskatoon (IWS)
(306) 978-6611 Fax (306) 978-6614 301-336 5th Avenue North SK S7K 2P4
IWS is a non profit community based women’s organization dedicated to
improving the status of immigrant/refugee women and their families.
Advocacy, education, counselling and support.

John Howard Society of Saskatchewan
Provincial Office 1(306)584-2115
Toll Free: 1(866) 584-2115
Saskatoon Toll Free: 1 (877) 244-8347
(306) 244-8347
Regina Toll Free: 1 (888) 757-6658
(306) 757-6657
Provides assistance to all persons involved either directly or indirectly with the
criminal justice system. Services offered include advocacy, referrals to community
service agencies, shelter, housing pursuit of various educational and training
opportunities, as well as counselling. Clientele may be self-referred, or referred by
another community agency.

Ombudsman Saskatchewan
Saskatoon (306) 933-5500
1-800-667-9787 Fax 306-933-8406
Regina (306) 787-6211
Toll Free: 1-800-667-7180 Fax 306-787-9090
The Ombudsman takes complaints regarding specific organizations
or groups of organizations – may investigate, mediate or help resolve complaints.

Providers of Aboriginal Lifestyle Support (PALS) – Saskatoon Tribal
Council Family Centre
(306) 659-2500 Fax (306) 659-2206
2010 7th Street
Saskatoon S7H 5K6
Offers in-home counselling and support workers to families who are at risk of losing
their children to Ministry of Social Services.

Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA)
(306) 653-1868 Fax (306) 653-1869
500-333 15th Street East S7K 0L4
PLEA of Saskatchewan is a non-profit, non-government organization which
exists to educate, inform and empower through law related education.

Public Prosecution Division – Saskatchewan Department of

(306) 787-5490 Fax (306) 787-8878
300-1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK S4P 4B3
Prosecutors are agents of the Attorney General and represent the interests of
the general public in the criminal justice system. Prosecutors are responsible
for the prosecution of Criminal Code offences and Provincial Statute offences.

Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry
(306) 352-6386 Fax (306) 352-5866
2330 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 0S6
Provides services to low-income persons. Also provides public education on
poverty issues and systemic advocacy to promote public policy that is in the
best interest of low income people.

Rentalsman – Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice (Office of
Residential Tenancies)


Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth (SACY) (306) 933-
6700 Fax (306) 933-8406
500-350 3rd Ave. N Saskatoon, SK
S7K 6G7
Promotes the interests of, and acts as a voice for children who have concerns about
provincial government services. The SACY
engages in public education, works to resolve disputes and conducts independent
The SACY also recommends improvements of programs for children to the
government and/or the Legislative Assembly. Anyone can contact the SACY if they
have a concern about a child or group of children receiving services from a
provincial department or agency.

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
(306) 933-5952
Toll free: 1-800-667-9249
122-3rd Ave. N Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H6
Works to discourage and eliminate discrimination through investigation of
regarding discrimination; promoting and approval of equity programs and educating
people about human rights law in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission
(306) 933-7820 Fax (306) 933-7827
1 (877) 424-1898
9th Floor Sturdy Stone Bldg. #1053 122 3rd Avenue North S7K 2H6
Legal Aid Saskatchewan provides a range of legal services to low income individuals in
Saskatchewan in the areas of family and criminal law. Those who are eligible can access
the service of one of our experienced lawyers located throughout the province of

Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services – Program Firestop
(306) 975-2520
125 Idylwyld Drive South S7M 1L4
A free, voluntary, educational program for children who are curious firesetters and their families. Our goals are to prevent children from
harming themselves and others, from causing property damage and to
prevent the child fire-setter from becoming an adult fire-setter.

Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre (SSAIC) (306)
CRISIS LINE (306) 244-2224
201-506 25th St. E Saskatoon, SK S7K 4A7
Offers a 24 hour crisis line service related to past or present sexual abuse.
Survivors can receive support over the phone or in person.
They provide emotional support, information, referrals, and will
accompany victims/survivors to hospital, police station, court etc. The
Centre will provide workshops and public education sessions as
requested and support groups. This is a confidential service.

Saskatoon Tribal Council – Urban Services
Providers of Aboriginal Life Supports (PALS)

(306) 659-2500 Fax (306) 659-2206
2010 7th Street S7H 5K6
Providers of Aboriginal Life Supports (PALS), includes a range of family- centered
strategies, including in home visitation, advocating for improved conditions for
families, stabilizing those in crisis, reunifying those who are separated, building new

Saskatoon Tribal Council – Urban Services
Urban Justice Programs
(306) 653-7676 Fax (306) 242-7280
602 20th Street West (Located in White Buffalo Youth Lodge)
The objective of the STC Urban First Nations Services Inc. Justice Program is to provide
support and assistance to youth, adults and their families throughout the duration of
their involvement in the Criminal Justice System. We do this by delivering integrated
services using a family– centered case management model.

Saskatoon Tribal Council Community Justice Programs (306) 956-6100 Fax
306 244-7273
200-203 Packham Avenue S7N 4K5 Supports community based initiatives for six of its
seven member First Nations. The program supports the objectives identified as
priorities by each of the six Community Justice Progams.

The Salvation Army Saskatoon
(306) 244-6280
339 Avenue C South S7M 1N5
Short and long term residency in dorm setting and private rooms. Pastoral
counselling services available. After hours emergency shelter, food hampers,
clothing vouchers. Bible study groups. 12 step programs for both men and
women, cooking classes for adults and children. Federal halfway house for
parolees, some probation referrals.

Victims Services
(306) 975-8400 Fax (306) 975-8401
76-25th St. E Saskatoon, SK
Mail: P.O. Box 1728 Saskatoon, SK S7K 3R6
This agency provides information, support and referrals to victims of crime
and traumatic events.

YWCA of Saskatoon
(306) 244-2844 Fax (306) 653-2468
510 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Provides shelter and supports to women, children and youth at risk through
the Crisis Shelter and Turning Points.
Offering employment and learning, health and wellness, and childcare.