AIDS Saskatoon – 601 Outreach Centre
(306) 242-5005 Fax (306) 665-9976
1143 Avenue F North S7K 4E3
Offers education, prevention, advocacy, programs, eduction, resource center, and
support to persons living with HIV infection, their families, friends.

Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program
(306) 655-1070 Kinsmen Children’s Centre 1319 Colony
Street S7N 2Z1
Serves children’s special health needs. These can include physical, intellectual,
developmental disabilities and/or genetic metabolic disorders. Teams of staff
work together with families to try to understand the needs of children with
specific conditions and provide therapy sessions.

Breastfeeding Centre –
Saskatoon Health Region

(306) 655-4806
Westwinds Primary Health Centre 3311 Fairlight Drive S7M 3Y5
Provides support in the community if you are: pregnant, wondering what
breastfeeding offers you and your baby, starting to breastfeed, need some
advice and hands on help, facing a challenge or have questions about
breastfeeding, going back to work and need information or help with
breastfeeding and returning to work or concerned about your babies

Canadian Cancer Society Saskatoon Unit
(306) 244-4389
101-440 2nd Avenue North S7K 2C3
The Canadian Cancer Society offers patient support groups, financial aid to
cancer patients, research, fundraising, and educational information and

Canadian Celiac Association
Toll Free 1(800) 363-7296
Offers support for people with celiac disease and their families. Offers
support in areas of diet change, general wellness, and emotional wellness.

Canadian Deafblind Association – Saskatchewan Chapter Inc.
(306) 374-0022
110 Anderson Crescent S7H 4C2
The Canadian Deafblind Association provides Individualized programs that honor the
unique needs of persons with Deafblindness, while advocating for optimal independence
and quality of life that ensures dignity and respect.

Diabetes Canada
(306) 933-1238 Toll Free 1(800) 996-4446
104-2301 Avenue C North S7L 5Z5
Promotes the health of Canadians through diabetes research, education, service and
advocacy. The resource centre located in the office provides basic diabetes
information. Material may be sent out upon request. There is an annual camp for
children with diabetes as well as a family camp. Membership with the association will
provide people with up to date information regarding research, advocacy and

Canadian Down Syndrome Society
The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is a national non-profit organization
providing information, advocacy, and education about Down syndrome. CDSS supports
self-advocates, parents, and families through all stages of life.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Saskatoon Branch (306) 384-9333
1301 Avenue P North S7L 2X1
CMHA-Saskatoon Branch, Inc. is a non-profit organization, which assists and supports
people with mental illness to maximize their potential and to achieve positive mental
health in their lives as community members. The enhancement of mental health in the
community is achieved through programs and services, public education and advocacy.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind
(306) 374-4545
201-3301 8 St E SK S7H 5K5
The CNIB Foundation provides an opportunity for limitless possibilities, providing you
with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to smash barriers in pursuit of the life you
choose. Our programs are designed to address the needs of people of all ages across five
areas: Life, play, work, education and tech.

Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan Inc.
(306) 652-9644
311 38 Street East SK S7K 0T1
Assist individuals with spinal cord injuries and other physical
disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.
Services offered include peer support, rehabilitation counselling, vocational
counselling and employment counselling.
They provide information on home modification, accessibility consulting and
sensitivity training.

Canadian Pediatric Society
(306) 526-9397
A national association of pediatricians, committed to working together to advance the
health of children and youth by nurturing excellence in health care, advocacy,
education, research and support of its membership.

Client Patient Access Services (CPAS)
(306) 655-4346 201-310 Idylwyld Drive North S7L OZ2
Client Patient Access Services exist to provide a single point of entry to health care services
both in the community and in the hospital. Professional staff members work with
individuals, their families, and other health care providers to ensure appropriate access to
and throughout the continuum of care within the Saskatoon Health Region.

Communicable Diseases – Saskatoon Health Region Public
Health Services

(306) 655-4612 101-310 Idylwyld Drive North S7L OZ2
Public Health staff strive to improve protection against communicable disease for people in
the health region. Staff investigate diseases transmitted by animals, insects, blood, food,
water and respiratory contact. Staff also investigate community and institutional
outbreaks. They provide counselling, group education and immunization.

Community Living Association of Saskatoon, Inc. (CLASI) (306) 652-9111
102-135 Robin Crescent S7L 6M3
The purpose of CLASI is to enhance the well being of all persons who have an
intellectual disability
by: actively promoting their training, education and choices; supporting
families so that all persons may live meaningfully within our community;
enriching and supporting programs which may lessen the incidence of
handicapping positions.

Cognitive Disabilities Strategy (CDS)
(306) 694-3568
CDS is a provincial plan for citizens with cognitive disabilities. The CDS is
offered province-wide through each health region. Each region has a
Cognitive Disabilities Consultant or a main contact. The CDS consultant can
help individuals and families identify needs, develop plans, set goals, seek
out other services, answer questions and access the strategy.

Crocus Co-op
(306) 655-4970
135 Avenue B South S7M 1M2
Crocus provides safe and accepting drop-in centre for adults who have been diagnosed
with a mental illness. Anyone accessing Crocus must first become a member of Crocus.
Members are able to participate in various programs throughout the day, purchase a
healthy meal or snacks from our canteen, and find casual work through our Transitional
Employment program.

CUMFI Wellness Centre
(306) 975-9999
315 Avenue M South Saskatoon, SK S7K 2K5
CUMFI is a community-based Métis owned and operated non-profit charitable
organization. CUMFI strives to improve social and economic conditions for the Métis and
works to improve the quality and standards of life for Métis both young and old.

LiveWell Clinical Health Psychology – Early Childhood Psychologist
(306) 655-2341
Room 223, Ellis Hall
Royal University Hospital S7N 0W8
Early ChildhoodPsychology services. The early childhood psychologist is trained to
help children from birth to 5 years of age who are developmentally above or below
average or who have common behavioral and developmental problems. Anyone from
the Saskatoon Health Authority public can call and make a referral, including the

EGADZ – Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre
(306) 931-6644 (306) 665-1344
485 1st Avenue North Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1X5
EGADZ provides a wide range of program and supportive residential programs that
offers safety, mentorship and support to youth. Programs empower youth and assist
them to reach their full potential.

Programs offered include: YOUTH DROP-IN CENTRE offers recreational
activities, and an on-site kitchen to teach nutrition and provide a meal every day at
5:00 p.m. The drop-in centre also operates education programs, cultural
programs and employment programs.
TEENPARENTPROGRAMprovides educational outreach, medicalandcrisis
services, and individual and group sessions for expectant parents and their children.
connects with youth through use of an outreach van that operates after
hours. Immediate assistance provided includes nutrition,
clothing, condoms, personal hygiene items, baby formula and diapers.
OPERATION HELP for youth involved in the sex trade, including
immediate supports upon involvement with the justice system, assistance to
connect with
community support, and supports to assist with lifestyle change.
to support aboriginal youth through life skills, mentorship and elder support
to build healthy interpersonal relationships. RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS
youth in the care of the MSS. Programs offer supportive living
environment in a home-like setting for youth
exiting high risk street lifestyle, and/ or need supports to safely parent their
children. Programming is offered to all individuals including life skills,
parenting skills, support for addiction, education around domestic violence,
and access to counselling supports.
The Residential Programs are:
13 MY HOMES – supportive independent living environment for youth
involved with MSS.
– supportive environment where mothers can work towards having child(ren)
safely returned to their care with supervision. Mothers and babies reside in a
separate residence side by side, and are provided the opportunity to bond.
Moms learn to care for their children with support, structure, and guidance.

Epilepsy Saskatoon
(306) 665-1939
Toll Free: 1-866-EPILEPSY
Offers programs to improve education and public awareness about epilepsy, as well as
support groups for people with epilepsy and their families.

Global Gathering Place Inc.
(306) 665-0268 Fax (306) 665-0440 100 5th Avenue North S7K 2N7
A drop-in centre for immigrants and refugees to help improve their English, learn
about jobs, make new friends and understand Canadian customs and traditions.

Health Canada Consumer Product Safety
1-866-662-0666 Provides
information regarding the safe use of products, and regularly posts
recalls on products that have been found to pose a danger to human
health or safety. Additionally, consumers can report any health or safety
incidents related to the use of consumer products or cosmetics by filling
out the consumer incident report form
on our website, or by calling the toll
free number.

Healthy and Home Program – Saskatoon Health Region
(306) 655-4860 Westwinds Primary Health Centre 3311 Fairlight
Drive S7M 3Y5
The Healthy and Home Program is for newborn babies up to 2 weeks of age and their
families. The program provides support and follow-up once families are discharged from
hospital. Families living in Saskatoon and surrounding rural areas are eligible. Healthy and
Home will: Contact you by telephone or do a home visit within 1-2 days after hospital
discharge, assess mom’s recovery after birth, assess baby’s health and weight, assist with
breastfeeding, provide health information, and answer questions that you may have and
make referrals as needed.

Healthy Mother Healthy Baby –
Saskatoon Health Region

(306) 655-4810 Westwinds Primary Health Centre 3311 Fairlight
Drive S7M 3Y5
The program offers information, education, advocacy, and support in clients’ homes,
Saskatoon Collegiates, West Winds Primary Health Centre, and other venues. The program
offers milk, prenatal supplements and CHEP good food inc. fruit and vegetable vouchers
for pregnant teens and women whose diets are insufficient and whose incomes are
inadequate to meet basic daily requirements. The program strives to be respectful and
culturally sensitive to its clients and their families. The program is designed for pregnant
teens and women living in the community with risk factors such as: food insecurity, low
income, isolation, substance use, inadequate housing, mental health issues, abusive
relationship and pregnant and parenting students attending the Saskatoon Collegiates.

International Travel Clinic
– Saskatoon Health Region Public Health Services

(306) 655-4780
108-407 Ludlow Street S7S P3
Public Health Nurses review your travel schedule and provide you with
updated information, printed materials, medication recommendations and
immunizations required for travel.

International Women of Saskatoon (IWS)
(306) 978-6611 Fax (306) 978-6614
301-336 5th Avenue North SK S7K 2P4
IWS is a non profit community based women’s organization dedicated to
improving the status of immigrant/refugee women and their families.
Advocacy, education, counselling and support.

Family Service Saskatoon
(306) 244-0127 Fax (306) 244-1201
102 506 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Offers individual, couple, child and family counselling to the community. Special
programming: Teen and Young Parents, Youth Exposed to Violence, Abuse and
Beyond for women, Invisible Scars for women, educational and therapy groups
addressing perceived community needs. Variable fee for services.

Food for Thought – Saskatoon Health Authority Public Health Services
(306) 655-4826
3311 Fairlight Drive North S7N 3Y5
Food for Thought is a prenatal support program that assists pregnant women and their
children to achieve improved health and wellness. With a focus on cooking low-cost
nutritious food, women come together and have an opportunity to share ideas, make
friends, and talk about their lives. The food that is cooked is sent home with the
participants to be shared with their families. A participant-driven discussion on pregnancy
related topics follows each cooking session. The program is facilitated by an interdisciplinary team consisting of a social worker, nutritionist, and program assistant. Peer leaders assist in the delivery of the program.

Kidney Foundation of Canada –
Saskatchewan Branch

(306) 664-8588
1-2217 Hanselman Court S7L 6A8
Provide program and services for those affected by kidney disease, public and patient
education, peer support, information and referral, promote organ donation, advocacy
and fund research.

Saskatoon (306) 655-3301
A free voluntary program that helps families effectively nurture and support their
children to be safe, secure, happy and healthy. Parents and their children under 5 years
of age, as well as pregnant women, are eligible.

Lung Association of Saskatchewan
(306) 343-9511
1231 8th Street East S7H 0S5 The Lung Association’s certified
asthma educators can assist children and their families to understand the
disease, learn how to best manage the disease and provide information
about resources available to the community.

Womans Mid-Life Health Program
(306) 655-7681
701 Queen Street S7K 0M7
Improving women’s lives through better health during mid-life and beyond.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
(306) 244-2114
2-706 Duchess Street S7K 0R3
Education and resources for individuals and families affected by multiple sclerosis.

North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (306) 665-5508 Fax
(306) 244-2453
237 5th Avenue North S7K 2P2
Resource Center that promotes independent living for people of all ages with
disabilities. Provides support in the areas of self- empowerment, selfadvocacy, self- employment and peer support.

Positive Living Program – HIV and Hepatitis C Care – Saskatoon Health

(306) 655-1783
The Positive Living program provides out-patient care for persons who reside in Central
and Northern Saskatchewan who have tested positive for HIV and/or Hepatitis C. We
provide: Clinical assessments, immunizations, harm reduction and treatment plans.
Education and counselling to assist clients to prevent transmission, manage their
symptoms, decrease complications and enhance their quality of life. Coordination of care
and referrals to associated services. A supportive environment to assist clients to
develop their self-management skills, and to enhance their ability to make sound decisions
that have a positive impact on their health. Care at no cost to the client.

Post Partum Anxiety and Depression Support Program
(306) 655-7777
A community program provided by Saskatoon Health Region and the Saskatoon
Community Clinic. The program offers telephone and group support that provides
the opportunity to gain information and, as well, share feelings and experiences
with others in a facilitated group setting.

Prenatal Education – Childbirth Classes – Saskatoon Health Region
(306) 655-4800 Fax West Winds Primary Health Centre 3311 Fairlight
Drive S7M 3Y5 Offers prenatal education classes to expectant parents covering a
variety of topics including nutrition, breastfeeding and the delivery of your baby.

Public Health Services – Health Clinics – Saskatoon
South East Health Centre
(306) 655-4730
3006 Taylor Street East S7K 4J2
West Winds Primary Health Centre
(306) 655-4275
3311 Fairlight Drive S7M 3Y5
North East
108-407 Ludlow Street
S7S 1P3
Child Health
(306) 655-4700
International Travel
(306) 655-4780
Our Neighbourhood Health Centre
(306) 655-3250
1120 20th Street S7M 0Y8

Public Health Services Resource Centre – Saskatoon Health

(306) 655-4620
101-310 Idylwyld Drive North S7L 0Z2
Provide printed information on health issues such as nutrition, physical
fitness, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, puberty,
parenting, mental health, accident prevention, food safety, environmental
health etc.

Ronald McDonald House
(306) 244-5700 Fax (306) 244-3099
1011 University Drive S7N 0K4
Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for families of sick children up to
the age of 18 who are receiving medical treatment in Saskatoon. The facilities are only
available to families living outside of Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan Abilities Council
Provincial Services: (306) 374-4448 Fax (306) 373-2665
2310 Louise Avenue S7J 2C7
Adaptive Technology Services This program is dedicated to using electronics and
computers to assist children and adults with
disabilities to be more independent. Assessment, installation, training and repair
services for communication and environmental equipment are provided on a fee-for service basis.
Orthopedics involves the provision of appliances to correct, support
or prevent skeletal problems or to replace missing extremities. We serve both children and
adults throughout the province.
Special Needs Equipment The Special Needs Equipment Program funded by
Health provides necessary equipment for people with disabilities to maintain their
personal independence at home, school or work.

Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (SACL)
(306) 955-3344
3031 Louise Street S7J 3L1
Provide support and advocacy to any individual in Saskatchewan with an intellectual
Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain
Injured (SARBI)
(306) 373-3050 Fax (306) 373-3925
5-501 45th Street East S7L 5Z9
Offer a physical based program for survivors of ABI who are over the age of 16. Includes consulting therapists who assess each individual and develop
individualized programs.

Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and

(306) 757-3990
A professional association that assures high quality accessible speech
language and hearing services are provided.

Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC) (306) 933-0616 Fax
(306) 653-3932
111 Cardinal Crescent S7L 6H5 SARC is a non-profit association representing
community-based organizations that provide residential, developmental, and
employment supports/services to thousands of individuals with
disabilities. SARC provides a variety of supports to its Members so that they can
provide a quality service to persons with disabilities.

Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association (SBIA)
(306) 373-1555 Fax (306) 373-5655
Room 422 230 Avenue R South S7M 2Z1
Dedicated to improving the knowledge, services and quality of life of people living
with acquired brain injury and their families and service providers. Offers an
information and resource center in areas such as: family support,
education programs, rehabilitation, advocacy services, public awareness and
prevention initiatives.

Saskatchewan Cerebral Palsy Association
(306) 955-7272
2310 Louise Avenue S7J 2C7
Offers a variety of services to assist children and adults with cerebral palsy. They
provide: resource material, a car seat loaner program for children with disabilities,
grant assistance, equipment lending library and scholarships.

Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth (SACY) (306) 933-6700 Fax (306) 933-8406
500-350 3rd Ave. N Saskatoon, SK
S7K 6G7
Promotes the interests of, and acts as a voice for children who have concerns about
provincial government services. The SACY
engages in public education, works to resolve disputes and conducts independent
The SACY also recommends improvements of programs for children to the
government and/or the Legislative Assembly. Anyone can contact the SACY if they
have a concern about a child or group of children receiving services from a provincial
department or agency.

Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
(306) 651-4300 Fax (306) 651-4301
319 Colony Street S7N 2Z1
Focuses on primary prevention. Program areas of disabling conditions in children
include: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Reproductive Health, Childhood Injury
Prevention, Parenting Education, Perinatal and Infant Health, and Neglect and

Saskatoon Breastfeeding Centre
(306) 655-4806
3311 Fairlight Drive S7M 3Y5
The Centre, staffed by Lactation Consultants, provides support in the
community to breastfeeding mothers and infants through telephone
counselling and one-on- one office visits. They also offer
a Breastfeeding Café, a mother- to-mother drop-in breastfeeding support
group, facilitated by a
Lactation Consultant and with guest speakers as requested by the group.

Saskatoon Cancer Centre
(306) 665-2662 Fax (306) 655-2910
20 Campus Drive S7N 4H4
Offers both individual and family counselling services for childrenwith cancer. They
hold social gatherings for peer support and provide a school re-entry program. As
well, they promote community education.

Child Hunger Education Program (CHEP)
(306) 655-4575 Fax (306) 655-4574
204-1120 20th Street West S7M 0Y8 CHEP works with the Saskatoon community to
achieve solutions to child hunger and to improve access to nutritious food for all.
Programs include children’s nutrition programs, collective kitchens, Good Food Box,
community gardening, food policy work, food workshops, bridges to farmers and

Saskatoon Community Clinic
(306) 652-0300 455 2nd Avenue N S7K 2C2
Provides a range of primary health care services to assist children and adults with a
variety of symptoms and situations.

Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre
(306) 664-6565 Fax (306) 664-6563
202 Avenue C South S7M 1N2
Provides 2 to 3 days of emergency food. People can use the Food Bank
once every 14 days and must provide a health card and proof of
Saskatoon residency (i.e letter or bill). The Learning Centre offers a
literacy program and employment program for adults. A clinical
counsellor provides counselling for individuals and families at no cost.
The volunteer income tax program helps low income individuals
complete their income taxes. They also operate a clothing depot.

Saskatoon Health Region: Community
Adult Mental Health Services

(306) 655-8877
4th Floor 715 Queen Street S7K 4X4
Provides individual, family and group counselling and therapy with
psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and psychologists. Individuals may
self refer for counselling services.
Coverage for service is provided through Saskatchewan Health and there
is no direct charge to clients.

Saskatoon Health Region: Children’s Mental Health Services
(306) 655-7800
3rd Floor 715 Queen Street S7K 4X4
Provides individual, family and group counselling and therapy with nurses,
psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. Individuals/ parents may self refer.
Referrals are also accepted from a third party.

Saskatoon Tribal Council – Urban Services
Creative Healing for Urban Members (CHUMS)

(306) 659-2500 Fax (306) 659-2155
2010 7th Street S7H 5K6
The Creative Healing for Urban Members (CHUMS) programs work to
increase opportunities to strengthen individuals, and families, to empower
them to improve the quality of their personal and family life. Our principles
incorporate values that are common across many Aboriginal cultures as core
concepts in its programming.

Saskatoon Tribal Council – Urban Services
Providers of Aboriginal Life Supports (PALS)

(306) 659-2500 Fax (306) 659-2206
2010 7th Street S7H 5K6
Providers ofAboriginalLife Supports (PALS), includes a range of family- centered
strategies, including in home visitation, advocating for improved conditions for
families, stabilizing those in crisis, reunifying those who are separated, building new
families, and connecting families to the resources that will sustain them in the future.
Our goal is to support at risk families avoid apprehension of their children.

Sexual Health Centre
(306) 244-7989
210 2nd Avenue North S7K 1M1
Provide information, resources, and support services regarding sexuality,
pregnancy and contraception. Their aim is to encourage responsible and
empowered decision making around sexuality and reproductive health.

Student Wellness Initiative Towards Community Health (SWITCH)
(306) 956-2518 Fax (306) 934-2506
1528 20th Street West S7M 0X8
SWITCH’s vision is to maintain an operating, interdisciplinary student- run health
clinic in conjunction with health professionals and community partners to serve
clients in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods.

Westside Community Clinic
(306) 664-4310 Fax (306) 934-2506
1528 20th Street West S7M OZ6
Primary health care services including physician, nurse practitioner, nurse
and counselling services.

Youth Resource Centre –
Saskatoon Health Region

(306) 655-4900
311 20th Street S7K 0A9
Provides a variety of mental health services for youth between the ages of
12 to 18. The goal is to meet the varied needs of youth and to support
healthy development in all spheres of daily living. Offers individual and
group counselling and therapeutic recreation. The counselling services
presently offered cover a number of areas including coping with
depression, anxiety management, disordered eating, trauma etc.