Adelle House
(306) 668-2761 Fax (306) 668-2769
Second stage housing in which women over 18 and their children are provided
with safe accommodations after they leave Interval House. Operates within a 12
unit apartment complex that is accessible, family oriented and affordable with a
focus on safety.
Once an application is approved, an individual and her family may stay up to one
year. Rent is proportional to income.

Calder Centre
(306) 655-4500
2003 Arlington Avenue S7J 2H6 Assists individuals and familieswith recovery from
chemical dependency. The Center offers a holistic, cross- cultural recovery program,
provides a healthy environment conducive to meeting clients’ recovery needs.

Central Urban Metis Federation Incorporated(CUMFI)
(306) 975-9999 Fax (306) 975-9156
315 Avenue M South S7M 2K5 The following programs are delivered under the
CUMFI umbrella of services.
Hessdorfer House – designed to provide safe, supported housing for individuals with
cognitive disabilities.
McLeod House – provides 12 units in the form of transitional housing for men in
addictions recovery and offers support services and programming for men post-treatment
and recovery.
The Stewart House – a duplex home that has 2 suites that will provide supportive housing
to Aboriginal families living well with HIV/AIDS
Infinity House – serves woman and their children

Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon
(306) 374-6191 Fax (306) 374-3206
www.chesshirehomessaskatoon.com 2901 Louise Street S7J 3L1
Provides an accessible comfortable home for young adults with physical
disabilities that require personal support services.

Cress Housing Corporation
(306) 244-7747 Fax (306) 244-2444
200-335 Packham Avenue S7N 4S1 Provides affordable and adequate housing
for First Nations persons living in Saskatoon.

Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch
(306) 385-2611
607 3rd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2J8
Provides a therapeutic group living environment for vulnerable youth (10-21years of
age) who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The program provides 24-hour care, supervision, counselling, and
education. The Independent School Education Program is designed to gain a clear
understanding of the youth’s academic and social needs for transition into a
community school setting.

EGADZ – Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre
(306) 931-6644 (306) 665-1344
485 1st Avenue North Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1X5
youth in the care of the MSS. Programs offer supportive living
environment in a home-like setting for youth
exiting high risk street lifestyle, and/ or need supports to safely parent their
children. Programming is offered to all individuals including life skills,
parenting skills, support for addiction, education around domestic violence,
and access to counselling supports.
The Residential Programs are:
13 MY HOMES – supportive independent living environment for youth
involved with MSS.
– supportive environment where mothers can work towards having child(ren)
safely returned to their care with supervision. Mothers and babies reside in a
separate residence side by side, and are provided the opportunity to bond.
Moms learn to care for their children with support, structure, and guidance.

Elmwood Respite Home
(306) 374-5151
2012 Arlington Ave S7J 2H5
Elmwood Residence in Saskatoon provides long term care for both physically and
intellectually disabled persons. Elmwood Residences Inc., operates numerous small group
home, one respite home, a 50-bed lodge, and a Supported Independent Living Program in

Infinity House – CUMFI
(306) 955-2332
127 Avenue Q South S7M 2X9 www.cumfi.org
A supportive housing facility that provides Aboriginal women and their children
who are at risk of becoming homeless with a safe haven that protects them from
having to endure an unsafe living environment. Dedicated to
providing long term and emergency housing for single mothers and their children.
Programming for each month is focused around the themes of the Tipi

John Howard Society
(306) 244-8347
218 33rd Street West S7L 0V1
Jay’s Place
Jays Place provides up to five male youth aged 12-15 a Staffed Peer Home environment
with referrals from the Ministry of Social Services. Jays Place requires youth to possess a
commitment to case planning and goal setting to facilitate positive outcomes for positive
decision- making and effective life skills management.
Cedar House
Cedar House provides up to five youth aged 15-21 years a long-term Mentored Peer Home
environment with referrals from the Ministry of Social Services. Referred youth come to the
home with a high level of commitment to case planning, goal setting, life skills
development and long-term planning.
Basswood Place
Basswood Place provides male youth aged 12-15 referred by the Ministry of Social Services,
a long-term Staffed Peer Home environment. Five male youth reside in the home at a time
and receive ongoing support.
Bert’s Safe Shelter
The Safe Shelter provides males aged 12- 15 years, temporary residence for a period of up
to 30 days through referral from the Ministry of Social Services. A maximum of five youth
are provided 24/7 staffing support. Meeting emergent needs related to health, housing,
addiction, family breakdown and education.

Kanaweyimik Home
(306) 975-9999 Fax (306) 975-9156
Requires Ministry referral. For women whose children are in care with the
Ministry of Social Services (MSS)

Brief and Social Detox
Mental Health & Addictions Services
(306) 655-4195 (24hrs)
Fax (306) 655-4196
201 Avenue O South S7M 2R6
A safe environment for anyone coming off from alcohol and/or drugs. They
are a detoxification service where clients can stay from 5-7 days. Following
their stay, clients will receive an outpatient referral to Addictions Services
in their home health district.

Lighthouse Supportive Living Center
(306) 653-0538
304 2nd Avenue South S7K 1L1
Provides emergency shelter for both men and woman, supported living suites and
independent affordable housing.

Niwaapatahanannik (NIWA)
(306) 975-9999 Fax (306) 975-9156
NIWA is a Fostering Families home for single parent and two parent families
who have children placed in foster care with MSS or who are at risk of
placement. Programming offered includes creating healthy lifestyles,
relationship building, positive parenting, life skills, mental health addictions,
educational assessment, career counselling and recreational activities.

Saskatoon Habitat for Humanity
(306) 343-7772 Fax (306) 343-7801
320 21st Street West S7M 4E6
Facilitates partnerships between prospective homeowners,businesses, individual
donors, and volunteers to build basic affordable housing in Saskatoon. Habitat
partners with families, helping them achieve the dream of homeownership through a

Saskatoon Housing Authority
(306) 668-2700 Fax (306) 668-2701
www.saskatoonhousingauthority. com
525 24th Street East S7K 0K9 Provides suitable and affordable housing for the
benefit of low income seniors, families and individuals with disabilities.

Saskatoon Housing Coalition
(306) 665-4979
319 Camponi Place S7M 1E9
A community organization that provides supportive housing to individuals living
with chronic mental illnesses. The organization actively advocates for and provides
safe, affordable and well- maintained housing units with
support services to provide a means for independent living and improve the quality of
life for clients living with chronic mental illnesses.

Saskatoon Interval House, Inc.
(306) 244-0185 Fax (306) 244-0327
An emergency temporary shelter for women and children who require safe
accommodation. Provides shelter services and educational programming to victims of
family violence and offers women and their children with a range of accessible,
protection, sensitive and safe services specific to the needs of each client.

SaskNative Rentals Inc.
(306) 653-0384 Fax (306) 653-0394
www.camponi.ca/main.php 1715 11th Street West S7M 0S2 A Métis
managed non-profit
corporation committed to providing, maintaining, and sustaining affordable, safe,
and respectable housing for families. SaskNative Rentals places a particular
emphasis and priority upon assisting those individuals and families of Aboriginal

Social Housing Rental Program
www.socialservices.gov.sk.ca/shrp Provides suitable, adequate and
affordable rental housing for low- income seniors and families in more
than 280 communities throughout the province. Some units located
in senior projects are suitable for persons with disabilities.

The Salvation Army
(306) 242-6833
399 Avenue C South S7M 1N5
Crossroads Residential Services/ Mumford House Family Shelter Women
and Children
A shelter, drop-in center, and a place
where adults in Saskatoon’s core
neighborhoods can receive support. The
Salvation Army provides support for
homeless men/women by offering them
temporary and transitional housing and
access to counsel and other services.

The Salvation Army Bethany

(306) 244-6758 Fax (306) 244-6282
203 Cruise Street S7N 2N7
Exists for the benefit of female youth in crisis from age 13 to 18, as well pregnant and
parenting mothers and their children. We provide a safe, stable, nurturing residential
setting. Bethany Home offers life skills education in a wide variety of areas, and
support for the individual. Requires MSS referral.

YWCA of Saskatoon
(306) 244-2844 Fax (306) 653-2468
510 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Provides shelter and supports to women, children and youth at risk through
the Crisis Shelter and Turning Points. Offering employment and learning,
health and wellness, and childcare.