Kind AND Firm Boundaries in Parenting

Kindness without firmness can lead to permissive parenting and firmness without kindness can lead to punitive parenting.


The importance is on AND and starts with validating feelings. Offer a choice whenever possible.

“I know you do not want to brush your teeth and we can do it together.”

“You want to keep playing and it is time to clean up. I will help, l can do the blocks or books. You decide.”

“I love you and the answer is no.”


There are many tools that fall under the kind AND firm

concept of parenting.

  1. Validate Feelings
  2. Show Understanding
  3. Distraction and Redirection
  4. Follow Through on an Earlier Agreement
  5. Provide a Choice


In the following weeks we will have blogs related to those Positive Parenting Tools that you can use in your parenting education work, parenting or even with your colleagues.

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