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Becoming a Parent

Saskatchewan Literacy NetworkPrenatal Caring Circle – Promoting Family Literacy, Attachment and Well-Being Before and After Birth

My Saskatchewan Pregnancy

Healthy Starts for Baby

Saskatchewan Literacy NetworkGrowth and Development of Your Child

Government of Saskatchewan Feeding Your Baby

Government of Saskatchewan How to Talk with Your Baby

Government of SaskatchewanGrowing Up Healthy

Healthy Starts for Parents

Maternal Mental Health  – Our Mothers, Our Future

Cesarean Support GroupShare information and answer question related to planning, have/had or pregnant after a cesarean

The Berry Breast Support – Support for Pregnancy and Parenting

Mothers Empowering MothersSaskatoon’s Postpartum Support Group

General Parenting Resources

Family Service ReginaProgramming

Family Service Saskatoon Programming

CFS Saskatoon – Programming

CFS Prince AlbertProgramming

Prince Albert Community Services Centre –Services

SIGN: Yorkton-Programming

Moose Jaw Family Services Programming

Saskatchewan Literacy NetworkChildren’s Rights in Canada

Little Hands and Me Parenting NetworkTogether Strong

Regina Children’s InitiativeStrong Beginnings. Brighter Beginnings 

Regina Baby Friendly SpacesWho supports families feeding their children

Saskatchewan Prevention Institute- Our Goal is Healthy Children

FASD Network Saskatchewan- There is hope… there is help.

Community Programs

Family Service Saskatoon – Intimate Partner Violence Drop-In Group

211 Saskatchewan- A province-wide resource for connecting individuals to services

SFFA|Saskatchewan Foster Family Association- Foster parenting info and resources

Positive Discipline Parenting Programs

“What is Positive Discipline? Positive discipline is an approach to parenting that teaches children and guides their behaviour, while respecting their rights to healthy development, protection from violence and participation in their learning. Positive discipline is based in research on children’s healthy development and effective parenting, and founded on child rights principles. Positive discipline is not permissive parenting and is not about punishment. It is about long-term solutions that develop children’s own self-discipline and their life-long skills. Positive discipline is about teaching non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights, and respect for others.”

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

Become Part of the Team

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