Separation & Divorce

Catholic Family Services (CFS)
(306) 244-7773
200-506 25th Street East S7K 4A7
CFS is open to everyone in the community, offering a wide range of services, including
individual, couple, and family counselling, family education and wellness programs, a
Building Healthy Families series, community programs, workshops, seminars,
professional training, marriage preparation, teen parent program and early childhood
Employee and Family Assistance
Programming is also available. No fee counselling is also available at the
Saskatoon Food Bank.

Christian Counselling Services
(306) 244-9890
617 3rd Avenue North S7K 2J8
Counselling available for marriage, family, individual, addictions, stress, abuse,
depression, parenting, co- dependency, women’s & senior’s issues and grief.
Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan Inc.
Lawyers who utilize a process for resolving issues with the advice and
assistance of lawyers but without going to court. All parties and their lawyers
sign a contract agreeing not to go to court. They commit to work together in
meetings in a non- adversarial, respectful way to find solutions that work for
everyone involved in the conflict. This process is useful in all kinds of disputes,
such as divorce, wills and estates, and business disagreements.

Dispute Resolution Office
(306) 787-5747 Fax (306) 787-0088
323 – 3085 Albert Street, Regina, SK S4S 0B1
(306) 933-7864 Fax (306) 933-7766
122 3rd Avenue North Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H6
The Dispute Resolution Office believes in people’s ability to resolve issues with
dignity and respect in
a safe environment. The Dispute Resolution Office provides and encourages
the provision of dispute resolution/mediation services to the public. We have
mediated thousands of disputes in many areas.

Family Service Saskatoon
(306) 244-0127 Fax (306) 244-1201
102-506 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Offers individual, couple, child and family counselling to the community. Special
programming: Teen and young parents, youth exposed to violence, abuse and beyond
for women, volunteer programs for youth at risk, educational and therapy groups
addressing perceived community needs. Variable fee for services.

Fairway Divorce
(306) 664-3247
Suite 810 230 22nd
Street East S7K 0E9
Available to help couples through Fairway’s Independently Negotiated Resolution™
process. This step by step Fairway Process™ is a model used to achieve a win-win
outcome in all areas of divorce. While mediation and collaborative law have brought
us this far, Fairway Divorce Solutions is changing the way divorce happens and is fast
becoming the preferred alternative.

Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA)
(306) 653-1868 Fax (306) 653-1869
500-333 25th Street East S7K 0L4
PLEA is a non-profit, non- government organization which exists to educate,
inform and empower through law related education.

Legal Aid Saskatchewan
(306) 933-7820 Fax (306) 933-7827
1053-122 3rd Avenue North S7K 2H6
Provides services in areas like divorce/separation, child and spousal support,
restraining orders, adoptions and other areas.

Saskatoon Community Mediation Services
(306) 244-0440 Fax (306) 244-0512 contact.html
200-245 3rd Avenue South S7K 1M1
Our goal is to reduce conflict and violence in community and institutional settings by
strength- ening people’s ability to respond to conflicts before they escalate
and also to provide a restorative approach when conflict does happen. One of our
strategies is to establish alliances with like minded community groups and individuals
to make these changes together.

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service
(306) 933-6200 (24 hrs)
103-506 25th Street East S7K 4A7
Provides 24 hour crisis intervention, crisis counselling, and conflict
management to individuals and families in distress or crisis. Service is provided
in the office or in the community.

Saskatoon Interval House, Inc.
(306) 244-0185 Fax (306) 244-0327
An emergency temporary shelter for women and children who require safe
accommodation. Provides shelter services and educational programming to victims of
family violence and offers women and their children with a range of accessible,
protection, sensitive and safe services specific to the needs of each client.